First vaccinated Jos is last in queue!

Jos Hermans, the 96-year-old care home resident, who was the first person in Flanders to get the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against coronavirus, has been given his second dose of the vaccine.  Jos, who lives at a care home in Puurs-Sint-Amands close to the plant where the vaccine is manufactured, said he wanted to thank Pfizer, a company that he admired, as well as all staff at the care home.

Three weeks after their first jab all the care home residents at Sint-Pieter got their second jab.  Jab number two means that for them their vaccination procedure has come to an end and they are as fully protected as possible at the minute.

All 98 residents at the care home have now been vaccinated twice.  If Jos was the first last time, they put him at the back of the queue this time round!

After Jos got the last jab it was time for some gateau at Sint-Pieter.  “Gateau of Hope” had been written on the cake in chocolate! The gateau had suitably been decorated with edible syringes.

“Nearly too beautiful to eat, but not quite” said Jos, who since his first jab on 28 December of last year Jos has learned how to deal with the media.

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