From now on GPs will be able to carry out rapid tests for coronavirus

From now on general practitioners will be able to carry out rapid tests for coronavirus on their patients. The tests provide a result within 15 minutes. Up until now GP carried out PCR tests on patients suspected of being infected with the virus. It took some time for the results of these tests to come through as they had to be sent to a laboratory for processing. 

Professor and general practitioner Ann Van den Breul told VRT News that the rapid tests are intended for people that have symptoms of the virus. “The symptoms may only have been present for a maximum of 5 days. So, if you have started with throat pain, a cough or symptoms of a cold you could be given a test”.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic those with ailments that might indicate that they have coronavirus were advised not to go to their GP. This advice has since changed.

"Now the message is above all if you have complaints that might be caused by COVID-19 you should contact your GP as soon as possible”.

"People that have had symptoms for less than 5 days spread more virus and the test will pick this up more easily. With a rapid test you can quickly detect those that are more infectious to others. You can also test their contacts more quickly and put them in quarantine”, Professor Van den Breul added.

If the test proves the negative the person that has been tested is able to go straight back to work or school. It could be the case that he or she has some other illness and thanks to the test having ruled out coronavirus the GP will be able to look into this more promptly.

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