No large-scale outbreak of British coronavirus variant in Edegem

The Mayor of Edegem in Antwerp Province has told VRT News that tests carried out on the pupils of a primary school there have found no evidence of a large-scale outbreak of the British variant of coronavirus. Pupils at the school were tested for coronavirus on Monday afternoon and the tests sent to Antwerp University Hospital for analysis.

Late on Sunday evening it was revealed that two pupils at the school in Edegem and a pupil at a secondary school in nearby Kontich that had tested positive for coronavirus were infected with the British variant.

The British variant of the virus is more infectious than most other strains. All pupils and staff from the schools and their families have been ordered to quarantine for 7 days. 

Although he was unable to give precise figures until after a meeting that is being held this afternoon, Mayor Koen Metsu (nationalist) told VRT News that “A manageable number of infections has been detected”. As a parent with children at the OLFA Elsdonk school, Mr Metsu is one of the many people in Edegem and Kontich that are currently in quarantine. 

It has since emerged that just two more children from the school have tested positive for coronavirus. 

At Tuesday afternoon’s meeting the figures will be analysed and a plan of action will be drawn by the Local Crisis Cell. “There is nothing to panic about. It is in effect manageable. But by acting swiftly and adequately we have been able to prevent a lot of misery. If we hadn’t done this the infection rate would be much higher”, Mr Metsu said. 

Mr Metsu wants the children to be tested again on Friday. Those that test negative again will be allowed out of quarantine. 


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