“They’re fed up to the back teeth with home working”

Belgium’s labour inspection service is asking employers and employees to stick more rigidly to the rules on home working.  It says that not enough staff are working from home in one out of five businesses.  It’s above all in SMEs that infringements are being recorded.

Data from the Flemish traffic centre, Apple and Google reveal more and more people are going to work and are not home working.

Geert De Poorter of the Belgian employment ministry: “Among companies that are not complying with the rules we often notice that they don’t possess any home working strategy.  It’s above all a problem in small and very small businesses.  They don’t have the means to make use of prevention advisors.  But after over one year they should know that home working is one of the most efficient methods of keeping virus pressure as low as possible.”

The labour inspection is now asking employers and employees to beef up compliance with rules on home working. Information from some employers shows that their workforce is fed up to the back teeth with home working, but there are greater issues in play. 

“Mentally speaking a year of home working is a heavy strain, but we need to persevere” says Mr De Poorter.  “Public health is the absolute priority.”

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