Pfizer upscaling: supplies back on track from February

Yesterday it emerged that the process of vaccinating Belgian hospital staff had been suspended due to the lack of sufficient Pfizer vaccines.  Pfizer’s corona vaccines are produced in Belgium, but given the unprecedented global demand the plant is having to make changes to its production line and this is impacting on the number of doses of the vaccine it is able to supply now and in the future.

Pfizer points to the fact that these are exceptional times and that production needs to be upscaled.

“We expect to be able to return to the original delivery schedule from February onwards.  After that we should be able to deliver extra supplies.  We fully comprehend the reaction of everybody who would like to be vaccinated as quickly as possible”.

Pfizer says it’s working hard to deliver more than the 1.3 billion doses originally pencilled in for 2021 and increase its target to 2 billion.  An increase in production capacity will allow the company to cater for extra demand from EU nations and elsewhere.  Starting the second quarter i.e. April of 2021 the company will be able to supply more doses than planned.

Last week Pfizer announced that the upscaling of production capacity would have a temporary impact on the number of doses it could supply. The company points to the fact that the number of doses allotted to Belgium and other EU nations was agreed with the European commission and takes account of the principle of fairness. “Further fluctuations - also in a positive direction - may be possible in the future” the company says.

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