Martin Bertrand / Hans Lucas

“We can do incredible things together”

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) has responded to the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.  Mr De Croo said the world once again had a US president who believed in cooperation and that Belgium now needed to show that it could be a partner.

The Belgian leader told TV viewers that if Europe and America wished to form a tandem, we are an incredible force in the world: “Together we represent half the world’s output, a third of global trade happens between us. Together we can achieve incredible things.”

Mr De Croo also warned that the EU  had a role to play: “Here we have a president reaching out to the rest of the world, who believes in cooperation, but we must also show we can be a partner e.g. in relations with China, where we should set higher demands, in foreign policy in our own backyard, where we can not always shelter in the shadow of the US and expect the US to solve our problems”.

The past four years with a president in the White House, who dismissed NATO, have been a steep learning curve for the Europeans.

“We are an incredible force when we work together, when our goals are in the same direction, e.g. in combating the climate crisis we can realise incredible things, but we must also play our role, in the security field too”.

“At the same time, we need to cooperate but also be more independent and set out our own policies”.


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