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Antwerp pub drops its ban on American drinks

Café Zeezicht, the Antwerp bar that made the pages of the Washington Post with its ban on American products after the election of US President Trump, is once again serving Coca-Cola.  The iconic American beverage was taken off the drinks list in protest against the election of President Trump, but with Joe Biden safely in the White House publican David Joris is once again happy to serve American drinks and sell American cigarettes.

Café Zeezicht has ended its ban on US products including bourbon, American brands of potato crisps and sauces.  Even a Belgian mineral water was hit by ban: Chaudefontaine, which is part of the Coca-Cola group.

“Biden is president, so we will stop our boycott.  That’s what we promised” says the publican.

Café Zeezicht on the Dageraadplaats in Antwerp is currently closed due to corona restrictions, but is doing take-aways.

“We’ll be selling American cigarettes once again.  It was a pain finding a good alternative for tabasco and Coca-Cola is really irreplaceable.  In recent years we worked with a Belgian brewer who supplied a good coke, but we promised to bring back the original”.

“Of course it was our boycott that helped to get Biden elected” jokes Mr Joris.  “I’m still very proud of the statement we made”. 

Café Zeezicht before the pandemic

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