161 people caught in breach of coronavirus restrictions in the capital every day

During the period between the date at which the fist measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus came into force in mid-March 2020 and 30 November last year police in the Brussels-Capital Region drafted a total of 41,966 crime reports for breaches of the restrictions. This is an average of around 161 per day. The figures come from a written answer to a question posed by the Flemish nationalist member of the Brussels Regional Parliament Mathias Vanden Borre. 

Between 15 March and 30 November 41,966 breaches of the coronavirus measures were recorded and action taken against those that had perpetrated them. 

In October crime reports were filed for 3,412 breaches. This was more than double in November with action being taken against the perpetrators of 7,044 breaches of the coronavirus restrictions. However, November was the first month in which the Lockdown 2.0 measures were in force. 

The figures are for the whole of the Brussels-Capital Region and are a total of the breaches of the coronavirus measures recorded in Brussels' 6 policing areas.

The largest number of crime reports for breaches of the coronavirus measures was drafted in April. Then 13,969 breaches were recorded in the capital. This equates to an average of 465.6 per day. However, during the whole of April very strict rules were in force with a ban on “non-essential” journeys and people even being issued with fines for sitting on park benches.

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