Drunken man skewers leg on railings outside Botanique Cultural Centre

The Fire Service in Brussels was called out to free a man that had skewered his leg onto the fence of the Botanical Gardens Park in Sint-Joost-ten-Node on Friday morning. They received the call to free the man at around 6am on Friday morning. 

The unfortunate and no doubt highly painful incident happed just outside the main entrance of the Botanique concert hall and cultural centre. The railing had gone right through the man’s leg. 

Walter Derieuw of the Brussels Fire Service told VRT Radio 2 that “He was under the influence of alcohol and offered us no assistance at all in our efforts to free him. We then started to saw off the wrought iron point of the railing. He was taken to hospital with the wrought iron still in his leg. There the point could be removed in optimal conditions”.

It is still unclear how the man ended up on the fence. “Fortunately, he was noticed by a police patrol. Because during the curfew there is no one about and he could have been stuck there for hours and maybe have bled to death”, Mr Derieuw added.


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