Schools take measures after coronavirus infections among pupils

A number of schools across Flanders have announced measures after some of their pupils tested positive for coronavirus. Some of those that tested positive were confirmed to have contracted the British variant of the virus that scientists now say is 30% more infectious than most other strains. Some schools have opted for complete closure, others are partially closed, and some other schools have taken other measures in an effort to curb the virus’ spread. 

Mechelen (Antwerp Province)
From today (Friday 22 January) the around 450 pupils at the Ursulinen Primary School will be taught through distance learning methods. This is because of a large number of teachers at the school are off sick. They will be tested to see whether they are infected with coronavirus.

Hamont-Achel (Limburg)
The municipal authorities in Hamont-Achel are taking extra measures after there were several positive coronavirus tests at a nursery school and a primary school. All sport activities and activities for young people are banned for the time being.  

Geraardsbergen (East Flanders)
The British variant of coronavirus has been found at two schools in Geraardsbergen, at the village schools in Viane and Idegem. The Local Crisis Cell is meeting today to decide on which action should be taken.

Bruges, Waregem, Diksmuide (West Flanders)

Several West Flemish nursery schools are closed including, De Triangel in Bruges, and at Catholic primary schools in Vladslo, near Diksmuide and Nieuwenhove, near Waregem. Elsewhere in West Flanders, a coronavirus testing centre has opened in the village of Zarren. There 35 of the 150 pupils at the local school have tested positive for coronavirus. The school will remain closed until 1 February.  


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