Flemish stylist helped Lady Gaga choose inauguration outfit

You may have noticed the awesome outfit worn by singer Lady Gaga when she performed at the inauguration of US President Joe Biden. Striking clothes are one of Lady Gaga’s trademarks. The singer’s outfit is partly the work of Belgian stylist Tom Eerebout from Bredene (West Flanders), who was partly responsible for the singer’s choice of clothes on Wednesday.

Tom works in London and explains Lady Gaga’s styling was done remotely. Together with styling partner Sandra Amador in New York a complete look was created.

“Sandra was fortunate to be there in person. We decided the very last details over a video chat.  I’m so happy I could take part in this historic moment” he says.

Lady Gaga offers the stylists her ideas. “We then go on the lookout for various designers that are given an opportunity to present their designs” Tom explains.

The dress Lady Gaga wore on Wednesday was designed by Daniel Roseberry, who works for Maison Schiaparelli.

“He’s the only big American couturier at this point in time.  That’s why he was chosen. President Biden’s entourage did not have to OK the outfit.  It represented two weeks of work, but that’s normal.”

“The colours of the outfit, red and blue refer to the US flag.  A peace dove too was of symbolic significance.”

Tom has no idea how much the entire outfit with golden microphone and earbuds is now worth!

He doesn’t believe Lady Gaga will ever wear the outfit again: “But it may be exhibited one day.”

“I’ve been working with Lady Gaga for eleven years now.  We speak after every show” he intimates.

Tom ended up in the fashion world when a friend of his partner Joost in London needed an assistant.  That’s also how he met Lady Gaga and the rest, as they say, is history.


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