Ten-day quarantine for corona positives, Oxford vaccine faces supply issues

The consultative committee representing Belgium’s various governments that takes all decisions on corona measures has decided to extend the period in which people who test positive for coronavirus need to quarantine from seven to ten days.  Belgian health minister Frank Vandenbroucke insisted that testing, isolating and vaccination were the cornerstones of Belgium’s strategy to get a grip on the pandemic.

Speaking after the meeting of the committee Mr Vandenbroucke said: “Anybody with the disease will now need to self-isolate for ten days and not seven.  We have taken this decision in the light of the new variants of the virus.”

The federal health minister conceded Belgium too was experiencing bumps in the road when it came to the vaccination campaign that is reliant on the supply of vaccines. 

“I’m interested in results.  Today at least 183,000 people will have been vaccinated.  We’re moving forward and that is of crucial importance.  This is how we will vanquish the virus.”

Vaccine supplier AstraZeneca has let it be known that it won’t be able to supply all the doses of the Oxford vaccine it promised on time, when the EU approves this vaccine.  The European Medicines Agency is expected to OK the vaccine next week.  It’s unclear what the delivery shortfall will be. Belgium was in line to receive up to 400,000 doses of the Oxford vaccine by mid-February.

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