“British variant on course to become dominant”

Biostatistician Geert Molenberghs (Leuven and Hasselt Universities) estimates that a quarter of corona cases in Belgium can now be linked to the catchier variant that originated in Kent (England).  “We’ve known for a number of weeks now that there is community transmission” says Molenberghs, who stresses his estimate is based on sampling.

The biostatistician believes it’s absolutely certain the British variant will now become dominant.

“We must implement local outbreak management properly.  Everything you can stop in this way is pure gain, but we are especially concerned about the rapid increase in the number of outbreaks.”

Geert Molenberghs agrees with health minister Vandenbroucke that thought must be given to the way networks operate: “This includes schools.  After-school activities are in our focus.  Maybe we ought to talk about face coverings.  The aim is to postpone school closures as long as possible.”

Earlier public health minister Vandenbroucke indicated that with regard to the increasing number of outbreaks society had to consider the role children are playing in the pandemic:

“In order to keep education going, we’re having to take annoying measures in wider society, but at a point school life becomes an engine of proliferation and then you need to think about how to address this.”

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