The scene in Eupen (eastern Belgium)
Andreas Kockartz

More snow on the way

Motorists, who have been out and about, may have noticed Belgian roads were treacherous this morning.  The gritting services have been on the job but thick snow washed away road salt in many places leaving roads slippery as a result of the climatic conditions.

Veva Daniëls of the Roads Agency warns last night’s snowfall has resulted in slippery roads that can cause dangerous traffic situations. Negative road surface temperatures can get the snow to turn to ice on the ground.

Gritting services slapped 1,800 tons of road salt on the roads, but a lot was washed away.  Surfaces need to be treated twice or thrice and the Roads Agency warns it cannot be everywhere at the same time.

More snow is forecast for north eastern tracts this morning with rain and sleet in western parts by teatime. 

Sleet and light snowfall are predicted for Sunday evening.  Lows between 1°C on the coast to -4°C in the uplands of the Ardennes.  There’s a warning out for more snow showers on Monday and Tuesday.

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