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Statistician Bart Mesuere “The next wave is coming”

The Ghent University statistician Bart Mesuere is in no doubt that the latest figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium show that we are heading for a third wave. Dr Mesuere says that all the signs are there “Hospitalisations that have been rising for several days running, we haven’t often seen that happen. But when did we see it? In March, in July and August and in the autumn during the previous waves. The next wave is coming in any case”.

The 7-day rolling average for new infections is set to rise again on Tuesday. “The daily figure for 21 January is 2,363 infections. This is more than 250 more than a week before”.

Dr Mesuere also notes a sharp increase in the number of children under the age of 10 that are testing positive. The number of positive tests among the under 10s has risen by 60% in just a week. There is also a 10% rise in infections among those between the ages of 10 and 19. However, these figures may be difficult to interpret as during the past week many classes and in some cases entire schools have been tested en masse for the virus. 

This has been especially true in Limburg Province where numerous schools have been forced to close due to coronavirus outbreaks. On a positive note, the number of outbreaks in care homes appears to be declining.

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