Children’s treasure turns out to be stolen jewels

9-year-old Arthur and 10-year-old Robbe couldn’t believe their eyes when they found a stash of jewels while at play near the Orleans Tower in Aarschot (Flemish Brabant) last weekend.  The children believed that they had found treasure, but an examination of the jewellery soon led to the realisation the cache consisted of stolen goods.

The hoard included ten chains, two watches, rings and bracelets.  At home Arthur showed his mum their booty.  “He told me he had a surprise” says Mum Karen.  “When I saw what it was, I thought this is more than a surprise.  These were no play jewels”.

Karen contacted Robbe’s mum too as he had taken part of the find home too. 

“The jewels included a bracelet with name and surname.  We searched the internet and were able to find the rightful owner” explains Karen.

The jewels had been stolen in 2016.

“The person I spoke to became very emotional when she heard we had recovered the jewellery.”

This week the children will be going to the police station to report their find.

Arthur and Robbe with their 'treasure'
The Orleans Tower in Aarschot

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