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Kortrijk deploys plain clothes police against 'aggressive shoppers'

The City of Kortrijk is to deploy plain clothes police officers in shopping streets after corona stewards and sales staff reported shoppers are becoming more and more aggressive.  Many shoppers get worked up when they are asked to comply with corona measures.

City cabinet member for economy Arne Vandendriessche: “It’s heading the wrong way in shops and in shopping precincts.  Many people are no longer shopping alone and many are refusing to mask.”

“Store owners too are confronted with more and more aggression.  Shoppers say they will never return to the premises and there’s a lot of pushing and shoving.  People are fed up and are working it out on shop staff.”

As a result the City of Kortrijk will now deploy plain clothes police to check on behaviour by shoppers.

“Our corona stewards too are telling us people are no longer listening to their instructions.  We’re going to have to fine more people because raising public awareness isn’t working” says the alderman.

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