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Ministerial decree on travel restrictions published

The new ministerial decree that brings into the law the restrictions on non-essential foreign travel has been published in the State Journal. The measures contained in the decree come into force from midnight. From then until 1 March 2021 a temporary ban on “travel of a recreative of tourist nature” to or from Belgium will be in force. 

Travel for urgent reasons such as business trips, people with shared custody going to pick up their children from an ex-partner that lives over the border, crossing the border to go to work or for medical treatment is still allowed. The measures were announced after last Friday’s meeting of the Consultative Committee.

People that live in a border municipality will be able to cross the border to for example go to the shops or go to school.  Those living further away from the border will have to carry a written declaration that states on their honour that the nature of their cross-border journey is essential.

The new ministerial decree also offers clarity as to how many people are allowed into places of worship. Now regardless of whether those present in a mosque, church, temple or synagogue are there for individual prayer and meditation or to attend a service their number will be limited to 15. This is regardless of how large the building is or how many rooms it has.

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