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“Nobody should be at the head of the queue for the vaccine”

Belgium’s many health ministers met today but failed to agree on a list of essential professions.  The ministers want such a list to prioritise key professionals when it comes to sharing out Belgium’s meagre supply of Covid vaccines.  Belgian employers and trade unions, however, believe it’s a bad idea and argue that no single professional group should be given priority when it comes to the jab.

Several professional groups including the police and fire-fighters have asked to be prioritised as they are key workers in close proximity with the public at large.

Kris De Meester of the Belgian Employers’ Organisation VBO argues that such distinctions will only fuel division.

“This is a time when above all we require solidarity.  Measures need to stay in place for a long time.  We can do with endless discussions between sectors and especially between workers in individual companies like a hole in the head. This approach will also lead to delays.  Lists will have to be drawn up, checked.  What we need is swift action for all the people.  That will be the biggest aid to business”.

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