Nicolas Maeterlinck

For which reasons can I still travel abroad?

Belgium has introduced a ban on non-essential journeys abroad: trips for tourism and recreation are no longer allowed and tourists will no longer be welcome in Belgium, but essential travel is still permitted.

Travel for professional reasons is allowed: business travel is permitted and high-level sportspeople are allowed to travel for a match or even train.

Travel is also permitted for urgent family business cases of shared parenthood, to attend a funeral or wedding.  You can also visit your partner abroad or they can come here, but you will have to show this is a ‘durable and stable relationship’ and not a flash in the pan.

Travel is allowed for humanitarian reasons: to visit a doctor or provide assistance to a vulnerable individual.

Travel linked to study is permitted, as is travel to carry out essential repairs to a vehicle.  You can also travel abroad to care for animals, due to legal requirements or because you are moving to a new house.

You can also enter the country when you are in transit to another destination.

The Belgian authorities don’t want to disrupt everyday life unnecessarily. People who live in border municipalities or municipalities bordering border municipalities may cross the border if that is part of their everyday life.  People in wider border regions can do his too but may be required to provide additional proof this is part of their everyday life.

In order to cross the border you need to fill in and sign a declaration you can download from the corona website. Documental proof may also be required.

People visiting Belgium as part of essential travel or people returning to Belgium will need to fill in the Passenger Locator Form too if they have been broad for 48 hours or more.

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