Caspar Huurdeman

Greater restrictions on out-of-class activities

Belgian ministers of youth and sports have struck a deal on new measures for pre- and post-school activities for children as corona figures among the young increase.

Children will be able to continue to take part in such activities, but the number of children in each bubble of contacts will be limited and only one hobby or leisure activity will be permitted a week.

Greater restrictions for under 12s were agreed in consultation with virologists, while for 12 plus more will be permitted.

Children under 12 may choose one organised sport, youth association or cultural activity a week to take part in. ‘Organised’ means that it is under supervision. This entails you cannot combine an after-school music lesson with a youth association activity in one and the same week.  Activities can be staged indoors and out with out preferential.  Bubbles are limited to ten participants.

For children aged 12 to 18: one activity a week is permitted, but only outdoors.  No more than ten participants too.

25 participants are allowed on youth association camps organised during half-term.

Existing restrictions continue for non-supervised activities: gatherings outside may not exceed 4 participants under 12s not included.  Inside one hug buddy from outside your household is permitted per person, but only one buddy is allowed in at one time.

The package is now being put to all Belgian governments that will now have to OK the deal that should take effect next week.

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