“It’s something we can be proud of”

In his annual address to Belgian authorities Filip, King of Belgians, spoke of the conversations he had had with foreign partners, who thanked and congratulated Belgium on the crucial role it had played in the fight against coronavirus.

In reference to the Pfizer plant in Puurs (Antwerp Province) that is supplying the world with vaccines the king said: “Our country lies at the heart of vaccination campaigns across the world thanks to the development, production and distribution of corona vaccines.”

King Filip added that this roll was not the result of a coincidence but rather of vision and long-term strategy adding: “This is also the result of exceptional cooperation between authorities, universities, the public sector and industry.  It’s something we can be proud of.”

King Filip also spoke of Belgium’s protracted struggle to form a new federal government.  He said the new government was the result of the democratic process: “With patience a long road has been walked to bring contrasting social visions together round a common project.”

In his address PM Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) spoke of the tiring battle against corona: “Difficult weeks lie ahead, but now we have come so far we may not give up.”

Mr De Croo added Belgium was looking to the future by making society and the economy more sustainable and more digital: “Here lies future prosperity, in newly developed sectors and in existing ones that reinvent themselves.”

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