“No reason for panic” says Flemish PM

Flemish premier Jan Jambon (nationalist) has responded to reports from the experts suggesting Belgium could be in trouble as early as February due to an increase in corona cases triggered by the British variant of the disease.  Mr Jambon is no taker for extra measures.

Mr Jambon sees no grounds for panic in the present corona figures: “We’ve been very strict for a very long time.  Virtually everything is closed.  You need to maintain the support of the public at large” Mr Jambon told VRT News.

A report from experts concluded that today’s corona measures are insufficient to arrest the spread of the British variant, but Mr Jambon is keen to stick with existing measures: “We want to keep businesses and schools open, while at the same time ensuring the health system doesn’t implode.  That’s why this week we restricted out-of-class activities for schoolchildren a little.”

“There’s the curfew, home-working, foreign travel has been restricted.  There isn’t much leeway for additional measures. We should invest effort in getting people to comply with existing measures.  We also need to keep an eye on the mental health of the population and ensure the economy doesn’t collapse.”

Our neighbours have introduced stricter measures, but Mr Jambon points to the figures that are worse in France and the Netherlands. The Flemish PM says people must above all quarantine and isolate when they are infected.  Testing too is a must.  “That’s the direction we must head” he notes.

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