Third wave could be ‘worse’ than situation in UK

New reports from Belgian corona experts show the British variant of the virus gaining more and more ground in Belgium.  The variant is 65% more contagious and the experts warn that if no action is taken Belgium will be in trouble by February or March.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst is worried about the advance of the British variant: “The British variant has been around for a while.  It is very contagious.  You want to keep it out.  Analysis clearly shows it was imported during trips during the Christmas break”.

“If no action is taken, we will be in trouble by February or March.  We’ll have a reproduction number of 1.65: ten sick people will infect 16 others.  That is the same figure we experienced during the peak of the second wave and its higher than the 1.4 R number reached in the UK.”

“More measures need to be taken, but if everybody follows the present rules that too will improve the situation.”

“The situation is serious and problems are not yet clearly visible.  The curve has been going up and down for nine weeks but hasn’t yet shot up.  The problem is you need to convince people of the dangerous nature of the situation, while it is not yet visible.”

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