Car park capacity at the High Fens to be limited to 2,400 vehicles during the weekend

Those of you planning a walk or bicycle ride on the natural splendour that is the High Fens should be aware that the authorities there have decided that car park capacity will be limited to 2,400 vehicles during the forthcoming weekend. The decision has been taken in order to limit the number of visitors to the High Fens that are located in the East of Liège Province next to Belgium’s border with Germany.

In addition to this it is hoped that by limiting parking facilities on the High Fens, day-trippers might be encouraged to visit other areas in the East of Liège Province that are generally less popular with those wishing to enjoy a day out walking or cycling.

Those planning to go hiking on the High Fens are asked to stick to the official paths and to respect the rules that are in force to protect the environment and the fauna and flora in the High Fens Nature Park.

During the Christmas holidays the High Fens were overwhelmed by a flood of visitors. To prevent a repeat of this the Governor of Liège Province ordered the closure of the High Fens to traffic for two weekends at the beginning of this month. During the forthcoming weekend the police will be carrying regular checks to ensure that visitors only use the official car parks and don’t park their vehicles at the side of the road.   


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