Federal Government sets up Transformation Fund

Belgium’s Federal Government is investing 750 million euro in a new Transformation Fund that it hopes will be used to stimulate the digitalisation and sustainability of our country’s economy. The fund will be used to help companies make the transition towards greater digitalisation and to develop more ecologically sustainable methods of working. 

In addition to the 750 million euro of public money that is being invested in the Transformation Fund, the Federal Government is looking to find further funding from investors, pension funds and insurance companies. The aim is to have between 2 and 3 billion euro in the fund. 

The Federal Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem (Flemish Christian democrat,photo above) told VRT News that "Our intention is to really invest in digitalisation and sustainability. This is at the forefront of Relaunch Plan”.

The Relaunch Plan for the Belgian economy above all focuses stimulating public investment, while the Transformation Fund aims to involve the private sector, the Finance Minister added. 

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