Flemish PM says that vaccination campaign is running ahead of plan

The Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (nationalist, photo above) has said that “we are running ahead of plan” with the coronavirus vaccination campaign in Flanders. “We had hoped to vaccinate all the residents of care homes. This had been done and we have also vaccinated some of the care home staff and have started vaccinating hospital staff. Only in care homes where there are coronavirus outbreaks are we having to wait”, Mr Jambon told journalists. 

Mr Jambon added that we will be able to continue vaccinating at the current pace until mid-February. Whether or not the vaccination programme will continue to run to plan after that is dependent on the pharmaceutical companies supplying sufficient quantities of their vaccines. “This is the crucial factor”, the Flemish PM said.

Mr Jambon went on to say that if the manufactures deliver supplies of their vaccines according to plan every Fleming that wants to be vaccinated will have received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine before the summer. However, He stressed is conditional on supplies of the various vaccines being forthcoming in the quantities promised by the pharmaceutical companies. 

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