Wallaby on the run in Genk City Centre

There was panic in Genk on Friday morning after a wallaby was spotting hopping around the centre of the Limburg city. During its two-hour hop around Genk City Centre, the animal visited the front gardens of homes, schools and even took time to visit some of Genk’s shopping streets. Motorists looked on aghast as the wallaby crossed the road, apparently displaying no fear of traffic. 

Dries Damiaens of the Nature Assistance Centre in Oudsbergen (Limburg) told VRT Radio 2 “The animal didn’t make it easy for us to catch him, but he has now been safely returned to his owners”.

There were no shortage of calls to the Oudbergen Nature Assistance Centre on Friday morning. “The police received dozens of calls too”, Mr Damiaens said.  

“Half of Genk saw the wallaby pass by. As crazy a sight a sight as it was keeping a wallaby isn’t illegal. We know the owner and know that the animal is very well cared for. Apparently, he has found a way to escape and his owners contacted us straight away”.  

The rather shy wallaby wasn’t easy to catch and staff from the Nature Assistance Centre spent two hours on his trail before they were able to catch him.

“At one point the animal hopped towards the Hasseltweg and he fled into the De Maten Nature Reserve. We then gave up following him. Not much later we saw him again in the city centre. He then jumped into the courtyard of a block of flats. Eventually we were able to catch him there using a net. All’s well that ends well”, Mr Damiaens concluded. 

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