Districtwide coronavirus testing in Antwerp finds just 45 new cases

The programme of mass testing for coronavirus of the residents of two areas of Antwerp during the past week has found just 45 new cases of the virus. 6 of the 45 people that tested positive for coronavirus were found to be infected with the British variant. The results come from the tests carried out on 1,527 residents of the two areas concerned and don’t included the 800 tests carried out on pupils and staff at two schools there. 

The mass testing was carried out in two parts of the 2018 postal code area of Antwerp where levels of COVID-19 infection were higher than elsewhere in the city. Those that tested positive will have to take a second test a week after their first. The figure of 45 positive tests out of 1,527 tests carried out gives a positivity rate of 2.95%. This is twice the average for Antwerp as a whole.

However, the Antwerp City Alderman responsible for Health Fons Duchateau (nationalist) told VRT News that “These figures are lower than the incidence level that led to the wide-scale testing been carried out”.

“These results provide no reason to panic. But further investigation via contact tracing and strict adherence to the coronavirus measures are now a priority. We will work together with Hatzoloh (A Jewish ambulance service) to assist the families within the Jewish community that have been affected”.

The two areas of Antwerp where the mass testing has been carried out both have large Jewish communities. 

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