Flemish fisherman allowed to fish off the British coast again

The authorities in the UK have granted permits that will allow fishermen from West Flanders to fish within the 12-mile zone off the British coast again. The Flemish fishmen mainly catch sole in the waters near to the English coast. Since the UK left the European single market at the end of last year fishermen from EU countries have required a permit from the UK authorities allowing them to fish within 12-miles of the British coast. 

Under the conditions of the trade agreement made between the European Union and the United Kingdom boats from EU countries are allowed to fish off the British coast for the next five and a half years providing they have a permit from the UK authorities. However, there has been some delay in issuing the permits.

Almost a month since the trade deal between the EU and the UK came into force, the Flemish Economy and Fisheries Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) says that the UK has now issued 17 permits to boats in the Flemish fishing fleet.  

Ms Crevits told journalists that “This is good news for our fishermen because access to these fishing grounds is an important part of the Brexit agreement . During the past few weeks, we have repeated asked for the permits to be issued. In future our fishmen will be able to fish in smaller boats close to the British coast”.


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