300 would-be demonstrators detained in Brussels

Police are out in force in around the main railway stations and the Atomium in Brussels in order to prevent an unauthorised demonstration against the restriction in force to curb the spread of coronavirus from taking place. The Brussels police spokesman Olivier Slosse told VRT News that by around 1pm around 300 arrests had been made. 

The protesters had wished to stage demonstrations against the coronavirus restrictions near to Brussels Central Railway Station and the Atomium. Those behind the demonstrations had called on people that agree with their stance to come to the capital today. A large number of police in the vicinity of all three of Brussels main railway stations carried out identity check on those in the vicinity. Those that were intending to take part in the illegal demonstration were taken into preventative custody.

Mr Slosse added that “The demonstration was not authorised, yet a lot of people turned up. They included supporters of several of our country’s football clubs. We have now cleared the square in from of Central Station. We are speaking to any groups of people that might be still walking around there”.

Meanwhile, at the Heizel just a couple of dozen people turned up. They were advised to leave by the police and they did so.

Last Sunday an unauthorised demonstration against what the organisers described as “class justice” ended in violence and hundreds of arrests.

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