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65,000 people to be vaccinated during the coming week

Belgium’s Vaccination Task Force has said that during the coming week a further 58,625 people in Belgium will be given their first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. A further 5,750 people will be given their first dose of the American biotech company Moderna’s vaccine. Meanwhile, second doses will continue to be administered to the residents of the country’s care homes. This means that during the coming weeks immunity among care home residents will be built up to a maximum, a spokesman for the taskforce said on Saturday evening. 

The side effects of the vaccine reported so far have been mild. They include a high temperature or pain in the upper arm.

The Vaccination Task Force says that good progress is being made with the vaccination programme and that Belgium is among the group of countries at the head of the race when it comes to the percentage of people already vaccinated. We are even running slightly ahead of schedule. 

The vaccination Task Force said that it is still the intention to start the final phase of the vaccination programme (the vaccination of people under 65 with no underlying medical conditions) before the summer.

Waiting for advice from High Council for Health

The Vaccination Task Force is still awaiting advice from Belgium’s High Council for Health on which groups can best be vaccinated using the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. Some EU countries such as Germany and Italy have said that they won’t use the AstraZeneca vaccine to vaccinate older people as there is still too little test data for this group. The announcement by AstraZeneca that production issues mean that it will be able to supply fewer doses of the vaccine in February means that the start of the second phase of the vaccination programme will suffer some delays.

However, "During the second quarter when the vaccination centres are working flat out we expect that in addition to AstraZeneca there will be large quantities of the Pfizer vaccines and probably the Janssen (Johnson&Johnson) vaccine from April. The intent expressed previously to start the final phase, health adults, remains intact for the tome being” a Task Force spokesman said.


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