Fire fighters rescue horse from deep sinkhole in Flemish Brabant village

Fire-fighters were called to a field in the Flemish Brabant village of Vlezenbeek, around 10km west of Brussels, to rescue a horse that was stuck in a sinkhole. Such was the depth of the sinkhole that the horse was unable to get out of it under its own steam. Freeing the trapped animal was not an easy task and the Flemish Brabant West Fire Service had to enlist the help of a diver and use a crane to get the horse out. The Fire Service has now released a video of the operation that we in turn have published at the bottom of this article

An underground stream had made the ground the horse had been standing on unstable and suddenly it sank several metres into a deep hole. The horse was unable to escape and the Fire Service was called to help free it.

It was no easy task, and the Fire Service was forced to deploy a diver and use a special crane in the rescue operation. The horse was freed unharmed and was taken to its stable to recover from its ordeal. 

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