Burglar arrested after he asks police the way

A man suspected of breaking into a supermarket in Antwerp was detained after he asked the police the way to Central Station. 

The proprietor of a supermarket on the Noorderlaan in Antwerp notified the police of a burglary after the alarm at his premises went off on Saturday night.  Police established there had been a break in, but it was unclear what if anything had gone missing.

CCTV footage allowed the police to get a picture of the burglar and all patrols were alerted.  A patrol soon spotted a cyclist meeting the burglar’s description, but when they approached in their police van, the suspect came towards them and asked them the way to the station. 

The suspect was detained.  It was the second time in only 24 hours that he was in police custody.  Earlier he had been arrested as an illegal alien, but had been released shortly before the supermarket break-in.  Police suspect the bike the suspect was using was also stolen, so that got impounded as part of the investigation.

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