Is Brussels break ‘just what the doctor ordered’ against corona blues?

The Brussels hotel sector that for a second year now is feeling the full impact of the corona crisis is launching a new ‘Hug Buddy Action’.  The initiative from the Brussels Hotel Association (BHA) aims to encourage people to take a short break in the capital in corona-safe conditions.

The action makes reference to Belgium’s hug buddies or ‘cuddle contacts’.  At present everybody in Belgium is allowed one hug buddy i.e. a person who is allowed into the home without the need to socially distance.  Hug buddies are a concession to our mental health.  Everybody in a household has a right to one, but only one hug buddy can visit at one time.

The Brussels Hotel Association’s action will run from 12 to 21 February and will include Valentine’s Day and half-term!  It should provide ‘everybody’ with the opportunity of spending the night in some of the most luxurious hotels in the Belgian and Flemish capital.

In these days when non-essential travel to foreign climes and indeed all leisure travel abroad is illegal a break in Brussels might be just what the doctor ordered to cope with corona blues.

It means you can book a room at a 5-star hotel for a third of the price.

Hoteliers won’t make any profit on such bookings, but the BHA believes it will do everybody good.

A double room will set you back 69 euros, while a room with two separate beds is going for 96 euros a night.

The initiative should allow people from across Brussels to rediscover their capital city.

Hotel guests will also be able to order a meal that will be delivered to their room.  Many hotels are working with local restaurants that will also benefit from the extra trade.

The association insists overnight stays are Covid-secure and that all health measures will be adhered to.

Rodolphe Van Weyenbergh of the BHA notes the action should cheer up disappointed holidaymakers while shedding light on a sector that has been at a virtual standstill for months.

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