Statistician asks “Are there really more infections? There is no point of comparison”

The Ghent University statistician Bart Mesuere closely follows the figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. Having looked at the figures over the past few days Dr Mesuere concludes that there has been a sharp increase in the number of children that are testing positive. 

However, he also puts the figures into perspective and asks “Are there really more infections? This remains an open question. We are now testing more and there is no point of comparison as previously there were far fewer tests carried out on children”.

The total number of tests being carried out is now higher. “We are now at an average of 49,000 tests per day. This is far over the peak when the Christmas travellers were tested, but still less than in the autumn. By comparison in October (at the start of the second wave) there was an average of 65,000 tests per day”.  

Dr Mesuere observes that outbreaks and clusters in Flanders appear to be under control. However, in Wallonia the number of infections has been on the rise in several provinces for some time now.  

The number of hospitalisations is also something that has caught Professor Mesuere’s eye. On Sunday 31 January there were 73. “Even for a weekend this is low. The last time it was that low was on 3 October”.  

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