What else is new on 1 February?

Apart from the price hike across Belgian public transport networks municipalities in Flanders are being given the opportunity to issue nuisance fines for speeding in 30 and 50 km/h zones, while more people will qualify for social tariff for gas and electricity.

GAS fines (GAS is the abbreviation of Municipal Administrative Sanction in Dutch) for speeding can only be issued in 30 and 50km/h zones and only for speeding no higher than 20km/h above the speed limit.  Offences must be certified by automatic equipment funded by the authorities.  Municipalities wishing to issue such fines will have to modify their bylaws.

But 1 February isn’t only a day when we feel the pinch in our purse or wallet.  The number of people who qualify for the social tariff for gas and electricity is being significantly expanded.

Social tariff is the lowest rate on the market.  Until now 450,000 households qualified for social tariff electricity; 270,000 for gas.  An extra 447,000 households will now qualify after the federal government extended the measure to many single parents and singles.

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