Water levels are high at the River Scheldt in Melle (East Flanders) and the meadows beyond.
Michaël Torfs

More (heavy) rain coming up: risk of floods to increase

We had fresh rain last night and this morning, and there is more to come on Wednesday: water levels are high in various places across Flanders, and the risk of floods will increase in the coming days, says the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM). 

VMM spokeswoman Katrien Smet told the VRT that although the situation is under control at present, we can't handle much more: "Tomorrow we expect between 10 and 25 litres of rain per square metre. We don't know exactly which region will bear the brunt, but the soil is saturated and it can't handle much more rain."

"We expect excess water in natural areas and local meadows, and some smaller rivers may burst their banks, but we don't expect houses to be flooded at present. We are monitoring the situation, we will know more tonight and tomorrow." 

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