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Are you on the patient at risk list for fast-track vaccination?

Belgian heath ministers have agreed which ailments will qualify you for priority in getting vaccinated as part of the group of people who are at risk due to health issues.  The vaccination of risk patients starts next month.

The health ministers based their list on a recommendation from the High Council for Health.  Underlying health issues that provide a risk include all patients aged 45 to 64 with chronic respiratory, heart and vascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, chronic afflictions of the nervous system, dementia, tumorous cancers, kidney disease, chronic liver disease and high blood pressure.

Patients in the 18 to 64 age category qualify if they have haematological cancers e.g. leukaemia, Down syndrome, HIV, afflictions of the immune system.  Transplant patients (also those on the waiting list) and patients with certain rare diseases will also get priority.

All patients have a higher risk of hospitalisation if they come down with coronavirus.

The selection will happen on the basis of information from the health funds and GPs.  “People on the at-risk list will get an invite from the Flemish authorities to attend a vaccination centre” health minister Beke said.

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