“Make vaccination mandatory”

Social entrepreneur Youssef Kobo has called the corona vaccine to be made obligatory.  He argues that you won’t be able to change the minds of people who oppose the vaccine.

Last autumn Mr Kobo spent time touring hospitals together with influencers in a bid to convince youngsters of the need for corona measures.  Today he is trying to raise public awareness of the need to get vaccinated.

“We must look after each other’s health.  We should stop counting on common sense.”

It’s emerged that in Wallonia half the staff at private care homes don’t want to get vaccinated.

“If even people in the care sector are reluctant, I am extremely worried about how the rest of the population will react.”

“We are organising webinars and podcasts to reach young people.  It’s important that youngsters dialogue with experts.  They can convince a lot of their peers.”

Mr Kobo is worried government campaigns are too focused on traditional media channels, newspapers, radio, tv, while youngsters get their information from other outlets, mainly online. He believes a more diverse choice of channels is the answer.

The entrepreneur is worried the government started too late in the day: “Fake news about corona has been doing the rounds for a year now.  Many people read and share these items.  It’s too late to get them back to the facts.”

“I know I won’t make myself popular, but I believe the vaccine should be made compulsory.  The open-ended approach, counting on common sense. Forget it.”

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