No face coverings in VRT studios

Though the Belgian authorities are encouraging the wearing of face coverings in work settings even when social distancing can be observed VRT TV has decided presenters and guests don’t need to be masked on air.  VRT argues that sufficient protection is provided as all current safety measures are complied with.

VRT broadcast studios are large areas.  Presenters and guests stand or are seated at a distance from each other.  Tables have been extended.  Ventilation too is guaranteed.  VRT intends to stick to the rules and its current way of operating unless the authorities make any changes.

VRT spokesman Bert Vermeir: “Since the beginning of the crisis we have taken a wealth of measures to ensure sufficient distance can be maintained in studios.”

Independent TV’s news service VTM Nieuws is getting its presenters masked from the minute the anchor is joined by a guest or colleague.  The VTM News set is part of a wider office environment with numerous reporters at work.  As a result the company is following the guidelines for office work. Masks are not needed in other VTM programmes where this is not the case.

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