16% of all coronavirus infections in Belgium are with the British variant

Speaking at Friday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference, the virologist Steven Van Gucht said that during the last week of January 16% of all people that tested positive for coronavirus in Belgium were found to have the British variant of the virus. 

Professor Van Gucht told the press conference that "The British variant is on the rise, but the increase appears to be slowing compared with the first two weeks of January”.

During the first week of January 9% of coronavirus infections in Belgium were with the British variant. By the week before last this had increased to 20%. At 16% during the final week of last month the percentage of infections with the British variant appears to be falling back from its peak.

Speaking about the coronavirus figures in general Professor Van Gucht said “The plateau phase continues. The increase in the number of infections seems to be flattening off. Hospital admissions are still falling, although the fall seems to be slowing in recent days”.

Professor Van Gucht compared the situation in Belgium with that in neighbouring countries. “It is remarkable how the Belgians have succeeded in keeping the curve stable since November despite the persistent pressure from the virus. This bears witness to an effort and solidarity of which we can be justly proud”.


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