Bakkerij Bouakline

Aalst bakers produce special “vaccine cake” to encourage people to get a jab

The bakers Abdel and Mohammed Bouakline from the East Flemish city of Aalst have produced a special cake that has gone on sale in their four bakers’ shops. The new cake that is made of chocolate, marzipan and cherries has been given the name “vaccine cake” and is intended to persuade people to get vaccinated against coronavirus. 

Across Belgium vaccination centres are being prepared for 1 March when the vaccination programme moves up a gear. From then all people over the age of 65 and people over the age of 45 with underlying medical issues with be offered a vaccine to protect them from coronavirus. Abdel and Mohammed have decided to mark what hopefully will spell the beginning of the end of the public health crisis by launching a special “vaccination cake”. The cake has gone on sale in their four shops.

The two brothers hope that the marzipan cake that is encased in chocolate and has a cherry filling will encourage their customers to get a jab. They came up with the idea for the cake at the end of last year when the first people in Belgium were being vaccinated.

They told VRT Radio 2 East Flanders that “We wanted to convince everyone to get vaccinated. Whether they will do so I don’t know, but we are getting loads of orders for the cake. It is the perfect cake to celebrate your having been vaccinated. Those that still will have to wait a long time for their vaccine might find consolation in the cake. Moreover, it has a unique taste and is only available at our shops”.

In addition to baking cakes Abdel and Mohammed are also interested in traditional kinds of bread. More specifically traditional recipes for bread from Aalst and the surrounding area. 

Mohammed Bouakline told VRT Radio 2 “We hope to keep the old traditions alive. The nice thing about old recipes is that they always use pure raw materials. This is something we try to do too. We only use artisanal products made in the area such as butter, cream and milk”. 

Bakkerij Bouakline

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