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Flemish hospitals won’t be allowed to give first dose of coronavirus vaccine to staff next week

Not a single first dose of coronavirus vaccine will be administered to staff at any hospital in Flanders next week. On Thursday hospitals in our region all received a letter from the Flemish Agency for Care and Health in which they were told that no vaccines would be delivered to them next week. 

The Care and Health Agency decides the weekly quota of vaccines that are to be received by each Flemish hospital. Only staff that received their first dose of coronavirus vaccine three weeks ago will be able to be vaccinated with their second dose of the vaccine next week. 

No one working at a Flemish hospital that has not yet been given a first dose will be vaccinated next week. The number of second doses to be administered is quoted as being several thousand.

Zorgnet Icuro that brings together the region’s hospitals say that the news has been met with an emotional response on the ground. Over the past few weeks staff on COVID wards, A&E and intensive care wards at hospitals in Flanders have been given their first dose of the vaccine. However, many hospitals complain that things are moving too slowly. 

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