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Hairdressers to reopen from 13 February

The Consultative Committee that is made up of Belgium’s federal, regional and language community governments has decided that hairdressers will be allowed to reopen from next Saturday. However, other non-medical contact professionals such as nail technicians and tattoo artists will have to keep their businesses closed until 1 March. 

Camping sites and holiday parks will also be allowed to reopen again from Monday. However, communal areas at the sites and parks such as restaurants, bars etc will remain closed. This follows a ruling by the Council of State ordering the reopening of camp sites and holiday parks as their enforced closure was deemed to be in contravention of the equality principle as hotels and guest houses have been allowed to remain open throughout the lockdown.

The outside areas of zoos and animal parks will also be allowed to reopen from Saturday 13 February. 

In another relaxation of the lockdown measures, estate agents will again be able to accompany potential buyers or tenants when they go and visit a house or flat. 

All other measures, including the travel restrictions, will remain in force until (at least) 1 April. 

Reopening under strict conditions

The hairdressers will be able to reopen their salons in 8 days’ time. However, this will be under very strict conditions that are designed to minimalize the risk of infection as much as possible. 

Both hairdressers and customers will be obliged to wear face coverings at all times when they are inside the salon. The hairdresser will be obliged to wear a surgical face mask that must be changed at least every 4 hours. 

All customers must make an appointment and there must be a break of 10 minutes between each customer to allow for the salon to be thoroughly ventilated and disinfected. All salons must have a CO2 meter, and no one will be allowed to wait inside the salon. In salons in which more than one hairdresser works each customer must have at least 10m². 

There is good news though for those of you that dye your hair as no time limit will be set on visits to the hairdresser. Prior to the meeting it had been rumoured that visits to the hairdresser would be limited to half an hour and it normally takes around two hours to get your hair dyed at the hairdressers. 

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