Judicial authorities search Walloon Parliament

The Judicial Authorities have been carrying out a search of the Walloon Parliament as part of the investigation into corruption at Nethys, the operational arm of the inter-municipal company Publifin. The corruption scandal has been on the political agenda in Francophone Belgium for several years now.  

One of the chief suspects in the case is a former leading figure in the Francophone socialist party PS Stéphane Moreau. Mr Moreau was the head of Nethys for many years. He is accused of corruption and the misappropriation of public funds. He is currently in prison on remand. 

The Judicial Authorities’ search of the Walloon Parliament is likely to be linked to their investigation into the role of the Speaker of the Walloon Parliament Jean-Claude Marcourt in the affair. Mr Marcourt is a leading figure in the Liège branch of the Francophone socialist party. He was a Minister in the Walloon Government for many years and is suspected of having turned a blind eye to the malpractice at Publifin and Nethys.

The investigation into the Nethys affaire moved up a gear last month when Stéphane Moreau was questioned as were the other former leading figures at Publifin/Nethys Pol Heyse and Bénédicte Bayer and the businessmen Pierre Meyers and François Fornieri.


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