Paul Dujardin is no longer Director of Bozar

Paul Dujardin is no longer the Director-General of Brussels’ Palace of Fine Arts, Bozar. The board of the prestigious arts’ centre decided that Mr Dujardins’ tenure as Director-General should be terminated at a meeting held on Friday. However, Mr Dujardin will continue to play a role in the running of the Palace of Fine Arts that is located near to Brussels Central Railway Station. The Minister responsible for the country’s federal cultural institutions Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal) hopes to start the recruitment procedure for a new Director-General of Bozar as soon as possible

Mr Dujardin (57) has been Director-General of Bozar for the past 18 years. The decision to bring his mandate as Director-General to an end was made at a meeting of the arts’ centre’s board on Friday. In a press statement released after the meeting the board said, “The Palace of Fine Art’s is very appreciative of the work done by Mr Paul Dujardin”.

Above all the organisation's cultural aura, the exceptional quality of the music it programmes and the diversity of its programme, ranging from classic to contemporary, are aspects for which Bozar has been praised under Paul Dujardin’s leadership.

Mr Dujardin will continue to play a role at the prestigious arts’ centre. He will stay on as financial advisor for Bozar’s European projects until at least the end of the year. He has also been given the task of preparing the Palace of Fine Arts’ centenary celebrations.

The trade unions have long been asking for Mr Dujardin to be removed as Director-General. They said that his leadership was too authoritarian.  

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