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4,000 Flemish pharmacists are training to be able to join the coronavirus vaccination campaign

4,000 pharmacists in our region are currently training to be able to administer vaccines. Once they have obtained their vaccination certificate, they will be able to help out in vaccination centres where there is a shortage of nursing staff to give people their coronavirus jab. In addition to this once trained they will also be able to assist in other vaccination campaigns such as the annual flu vaccine campaign. 

However, the Deputy Chairman of the Belgian Association of Doctors’ Syndicates Dirk Scheveneels believes that most people will nevertheless choose to get their annual flu vaccine from their GP. Speaking on VRT Radio 1, Dr Scheveneels praised the way in which pharmacists are showing willingness to assist in the effort to get people in Belgium vaccinated against coronavirus.

"This is an exceptional situation. We have to vaccinate 8 million people in a very short time. So, the pharmacists lending a hand is a very good thing”.

Dr Scheveneels added that he has no objection in principle to the pharmacists using their vaccination skills once the coronavirus vaccination campaign is over. However, then the issue of vaccinating a large number of people in a relatively short time will be less pressing.

"Every little helps, so it’s great that the pharmacists will be able to do this. But we have been administering the flu vaccine for more than 35 years at GP’s practices. I think that in the future most people will continue to want to get it done by their GP”, Dr Scheveneels said.


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