Corona outbreak at Brussels police call centre

A large number of people that work in the offices that houses the police emergency dispatch call centre in Brussels are currently quarantining after having become infected with coronavirus. The Federal Police Service has confirmed reports in the media on Saturday that there are issues with a coronavirus outbreak at the Communication and Information Centre (CIC) at which the 101-emergency line call centre is located. However, the Federal Police Service is keen to stress that this is not impacting service levels and people that wish to request urgent assistance from the police by dialling 101 will have their calls answered as promptly as usual. 

On Saturday the Francophone Brussels daily ‘La Capitale’ reported that around 20 of the 100 staff members at the emergency number call centre had tested positive for coronavirus. Of these one had been found to be infected with the South African variant of the virus. The Federal Police have yet to confirm whether the figures quoted in Saturday’s newspaper article are correct.

Staff at the centre continue to be tested. There is currently only a skeleton staff at CIC with some staff working from home and other centres outside Brussels taking on some of the calls from people in the capital at busy times. The Federal Police stresses that service levels are being maintained.

Extra measures have been put in force at the call centre and a special firm has been taken on to deep clean and disinfect the offices in which it is housed. This work will get under way on Monday. 

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