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Let it snow!

As anyone that has looked out their window will know, it has snowed in most of Flanders. Although we have been spared the heavy snowfall suffered by our neighbours in The Netherlands, enough snow has fallen to give a covering of a good few centimetres. The Royal Meteorological Institute KMI has issued a Code Orange waring and it is currently rather slippery under foot. Be carefull if you venture out to enjoy the snow. 

Although the first of the snow hadn’t been expected until the middle of the night, there was snowfall in some areas pf Flanders already on Saturday evening. With temperatures falling to below freezing the snow has stuck. Most of Flanders awoke to between 2cm and 6cm of snow.

The Flemish Highways Agency deployed 314 gritter lorries that got through 1,700 tonnes of salt during Saturday night.

More snow is expected today and as the temperature of road surfaces is currently below freezing this could result in slippery conditions for motorists.

There are currently no weather-related issues reported on the Belgian rail network. However, as rail service in The Netherlands have been suspended due to the snow the international rail services from Belgium to The Netherlands will terminate at the border.

The Belgian rail company NMBS has activated its winter weather plan. Dozens of mobile terms are at the ready to intervene if necessary and ensure the trains keep running. The system that warms signals to stop them from blocking has also been activated and NMBS’ stocks of anti-freeze, salt and sand are said to be plentiful.


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